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Orzel Meets - Orzel

  • Orzel Meets... Craighill

  • Orzel Meets... Lady White Co.

    Lady White Co. are a brand who've been on our radar for a long time, and we are delighted to have them as part of our family at Orzel. 

    Started in 2015 by Phil Proyce, they are influenced by American aesthetics and produce sportswear classics in their own unfamiliar way.

    Alongside the launch of their Autumn // Winter Collection, Phil kindly agreed to answer some questions and be the latest in our Orzel Meets... Series. Thanks to Taylor Caruso, fo sorting this for us.

  • Orzel Meets...Wojtek the Bear

    As part of the launch of their amazing new album, heaven by the back door (out 16th July), Wojtek The Bear are playing a live show for legendary...
  • Orzel Meets... 21 Dowanhill Street

    When Orzel was just a figment in my imagination and I was in the planning process, I was tasked with building a business plan. I decided that I needed to get out of my house to get the creative juices flowing and so went to the one place that I knew where I could work things out - the pub.
  • Orzel Meets... Compound Drinks

    Lockdown has hit many industries, but the hospitality sector has taken it particularly tight these last few years... We cannot wait to get back out (when safe to do so) to our local bars and restaurants to enjoy the amazing quality of drinks and food available in Glasgow these days.

    We're enjoying the takeaway and off license options being provided but we still have a little bit to go to till we will be frequenting our favourite establishments again, so what can we do for now to up our game in the home drinking stakes??

    Enter stage Compound Drinks.

    Darragh Meehan is using social media for good, sharing and showing people how you can do some pretty basic stuff at home, that can really elevate what you're drinking, whilst we can't go to bars at the moment. 
    We couldn't wait to catch up with him to discuss how Compound Drinks came about, what he thinks the future of the industry will look like and try some of his creations :-) 
  • Orzel Meets... Dan Snyder

    For the first Orzel Meets... where I wasn't talking to myself, there was only one place we could start.

    Dan Snyder, began designing and sewing in DC, perfected his first pattern in Boston, and started the business out of his sixth-floor walk-up in the East Village, NYC - the Northeast Corridor. He remains the sole designer of Corridor, and his love and enthusiasm are palpable in every piece.