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Orzel Meets... Another Aspect

Another Aspect believe the times of thoughtless consumption are over, and they are working to be part of the change. Started in Copenhagen in 2019 by Daniel Brondt, Nicolaj Thomsen and Anders Poulsen, we’ve enjoyed getting to know the guys and are excited to have them
joining our list of curated brands.

Alongside their launch with us, Daniel from the brand kindly agreed to
answer some questions and be the latest in our Orzel Eye…  series.

O: One of the first things that made me interested in your brand was yourselves. Can you please explain how Another Aspect came to be and what role each of you play?

DB: We all three originate from the Northern coastal towns of Denmark, where we shared a passion for culture, music, and art. Anders and I pursued education in creative fields, immersing ourselves in the fashion industry, while Nicolaj carved a career as a professional footballer. The collective vision of creating a brand rooted in shared values, focusing on responsible design, culminating in creating ANOTHER ASPECT in 2019.

We compensate each other and work in different roles. Being best friends and on this journey together is a fantastic experience. Even though people keep saying that starting a business with your friends is a bad idea, I would not do it differently.

O: Who or what inspires you when designing?

DB: Working from the idea of creating timeless wardrobe staples in responsible materials with an aspiring universe around it, we believe in creating designs with longevity in character and quality, helping our customers to buy better and, hopefully, buy less. Our collections are a testament to our commitment to timeless design.

We believe in creating enduring, seasonless garments that serve the modern man's needs across diverse activities, personalities, and environments. We curate versatile wardrobe staples that stand the test of time by eliminating excessive trends and enhancing practical functionalities.

O: What is the concept behind the SS24 collection?

DB: Collection 9.0 (SS24) is the ninth offering from ANOTHER ASPECT and acts as an extension of our appreciation of the daily routines while reminding oneself to create space for adventures. By adding elements and redefining archetypal silhouettes, we seek to make garments that support and value the everyday journey, wherever that may take you. The Collection 9.0 is a tribute to the
everyday situations, be they rough or smooth, that may surprise you throughout the day.

Our collection comprises transitional items from light shirts over midweight jersey and tailoring to versatile outerwear, all embodied by its emphasis on texture and high-quality fabrics.

O:What is your favourite piece from our original order we have made and why?

DB: Our Shirt 1.0 in Evergreen Stripe, it’s our take on a classic button down shirt, stylish and yet understates. Cut from a tencel-seersucker fabric, for a comfortable and easy way of wear. Work perfectly for the colder months and warmer days ahead.

O: What is a key piece you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

DB: A great pair of jeans, button-down shirt and Harris tweed blazer. Then you can go a very long way.

O: We always ask the same 3 questions at the everyone, to try to help us build up a little bit of a catalogue…

O: What are you listening to?
DB: Our friend Oliver made us a really good playlist for the store called “cool cats”, all British music from the 70’s to the 00’s. It’s been on repeat ever since.

O; What are you watching?
DB: I picked up ‘The Bear’ a little late, but now finally finished watching it and love the way it captures the panic of modern work.

 O: What are you reading?
DB: I buy and read countless fashion, music and design titles from my local newsstand like; Apartamento, Kennedy Magazine, Monocle, The Skirt Chronicles etc.

Finally, you told me that you used to have a DJ group called Tall and Small back in the day… when can we book you to DJ at a store party?!!

DB: Hahah, we are always up for a good party, so whenever you are ready we will get there.
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