Orzel Meets... 21 Dowanhill Street


When Orzel was just a figment in my imagination and I was in the planning process, I was tasked with building a business plan. I decided that I needed to get out of my house to get the creative juices flowing and so went to the one place that I knew where I could work things out - the pub.

I packed up my laptop and some snacks for Ruby and we both headed down to The Sparkle Horse. We did some work that day, but one thing that really stood out to me was the amazing shop across the road from The Sparkle Horse owned by Jennifer Kent. It's everything that you would want in a store. Beautiful frontage, exposed brick walls, cracking location and cool surrounding neighbours. 

Well now that is OUR STORE.

From the 3rd of June - 31st of August we have taken on the lease on 21 Dowanhill Street and we are absolutely delighted to be LIVE! The store will be open Wednesday - Saturday every week (apart from the 1st week in July when we are going on our holiday). Store vibes will be similar to our pop up stores - relaxed, everyone welcome and dogs encouraged.

We are really happy with our SS range and look forward to you being able to come down to feel the quality of fabrics and check the fits from our favourite brands.

Thank you to every single person who has bought something, shared our page or liked a post since we launched in November last year. Without you we wouldn't have this opportunity to open up in a store and area we love.

We look forward to seeing you down at 21 soon!

Grant <3

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