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Orzel Manny Wallet

Orzel Manny Wallet

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Emmanuel Orzel was my Great Uncle. Born in Katowice, Poland. He was injured during WWII when his tank was attacked. As he stepped out of the top of the flaming wreckage, delighted to still be alive, there was another explosion…

Lying on the ground he reached for his chest, and there in his top pocket was his leather wallet, with the shrapnel sitting proudly in it - saving his life in the process!


  • Hand cut, assembled and stitched in Glasgow
  • Crafted from locally sourced leather from Baker’s Tannery in Devon
  • Tanned using British Oak Bark 
  • Cardholder with 2 exterior pockets and a larger pocket
  • Holds 4-6 cards and folded cash
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  • 14 Day Returns Period
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